This is me still experimenting with multiple angles for my comic. The idea of course just trying to fake out the reader into thinking he’s looking at a person. But it’s hard to fake out a person reading a comic since their eyes can drift downward to see what’s coming. I remember seeing the first billboard of the iLamp and just thinking “What? Uhhhhh, What?” It was just so radically different I couldn’t stop looking at it.

This one took me a while to do because I couldn’t figure out the arms for the hug. I even took a reference photo of myself but it still looks like his arms are way too long. I guess what it comes down to is that given his arm size most of the time he couldn’t get his arms all the way around an iMac. I also was trying to make the name tag for the clerk have white string like they do at the store but it looks more like there should be a stethoscope at the end of it.