Right now the Android phone community is in a tizzy because the latest OS version 2.2 (aka “Froyo”) is rolling out for a number of different phones. Mine just got it today, and so far I’ve only seen a handful of things different.

Flash is now supported on the phone, but I’m currently having trouble thinking about sites that use flash that I would now want to visit in some capacity on a phone. I use my browser mostly for little things, but maybe I’ll remember a thing or two that I’d want to use the flash for. There are a lot of flash games out there, but I’m limited to games which only require mouseclicks.

The overall experience is supposed to be up to 4X faster, but the phone was already pretty snappy so I haven’t noticed much. Youtube videos seem to play at a better framerate though.

There are some small tweaks to Gmail and the messaging application. Also the little icons and settings pane in the camera window now rotate depending on how you orient the phone (and certain things let you have the phone in landscape mode rotated to the left or right). And you can use the LED light while in camcorder mode. I never use the camcorder but I guess if I want to blind people while filming them I can now do that. Also the “recent apps” pop up is in a different style window and shows eight apps instead of six.

There are features I can’t take advantage of now because I can’t run Chrome on my computer.

Oh, and more apps seem to be launching in the background without my knowing. Joy.