I’m guessing the only reason they invited Ricky Gervais back is that people tune in to watch what he’ll throw at Hollywood during the course of the night. I missed the beginning of his monologue, but even I couldn’t believe some of the stuff he said. But it’s true, I tuned in to see what was said, but the only disappointment was that he couldn’t get some more in. Another highlight was a brief shot of the HUGE numbers the winners are staring at which is a literal countdown until they have to finish their acceptance speech. If you missed the beginning of the show you didn’t see it because I’m guessing someone wised up and realized they shouldn’t show it.

I don’t really have anything to say about the nominations and winners. Just one thing, it must’ve been a bad year for comedies and musicals if “The Tourist” qualified for best picture in that category. Now, I haven’t seen it, so it’s certainly possible that it’s a musical or comedy, but I’d wager money that it isn’t either.