I got back from my trip to E3 about 9:00 pm Friday night. It took about four hours to get home from L.A. because of traffic and even were that not the case I would’ve been dead tired. It’s the first time I’ve worked E3 and while I did enjoy myself, my body did not enjoy the lack of sleep. I got to go to the show floor for about an hour after a three hour nap I took after not sleeping for about 30 hours straight.

But if you’re interested in what I was up to then here are some links! I was there editing stuff for Nintendo’s YouTube channel along with my friend Geoff who’s an editor in L.A.

Video’s I edited:
Satoru Iwata’s tour of the Nintendo Booth
WiiU Software Showcase
Nintendo Developer Roundtable for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y
E3 Wrap Video
Shigeru Miyamoto plays Pikmin 3

Videos my friend Geoff edited
Nintendo Booth tour
Day 1 Recap