I had to call Apple Tech Support because I was having constant troubles with my G5 during the first month that I had it. Basically having to forcefully restart meant that I would lose all my data. Clearly something was wrong. I’m a computer geek and whenever we have to turn to tech support you know that something must be really broken. That or that we’re too cocky about our computer hacking abilities.

If you haven’t called Apple Tech Support before this is pretty much exactly the way it is when you call. I have no idea how many choice phrases they have that the voice thingy can recognize, but when they give you too much freedom in what to say I get worried. That’s usually a good time to start hitting the zero button like there’s no tomorrow so that you’ll get connected to an actual person.

The whole saying words instead of pressing buttons is just such a horribly flawed concept. You’re trying to make a machine more personable, but obviously we know it’s a machine. I’d rather talk to a person who talks like a machine than a machine that talks like a person. The real kicker is that usually after you’ve gone through all these hoops to finally get to a person they still ask you the same questions you just answered. I have that with the car service we have at work. The first question is whether or not you’re ready to leave. Then the phone operator always asks when the pickup time is. I wonder where they connect you if you say you’re not ready to leave. Or maybe it says “When you’re ready to leave, please call back.” That would be appropriate.