I recently finished watching the anime of Nana (if there’s not going to be another season there’s going to be hell to pay) so only thing left is the manga and the music from the anime. I’m caught up with the manga currently, but it’s really good so I would like to have it someday. Only thing that pisses me off is it’s one of the manga that hasn’t made it to the U.S. completely intact. Naruto had some middle fingers removed (nothing like flipping off someone with your FIST), Full Metal Alchemist had a crucifixion image redrawn and from what I hear some female nudity was removed from Nana either by some sort of censoring or redrawing by the original artist.

Yes that’s right, girls who read comics marketed towards them can’t see depictions of boobs despite the fact that they themselves have boobs. I know there are guys who are going to read Nana (I’m one myself), but really the key demographic in the United States is younger women.