I heard somewhere that for people who work in Amazon distribution centers, speed really all that matters. From personal experience I’d say that’s accurate considering some of the boxes I’ve received over the years. Whenever you order different items on Amazon there’s always the option to ship in fewer packages or separate them. The thing is that when you have two objects that don’t fit into one of Amazon’s boxes conveniently they just pick the biggest box and stuff it full of brown packing paper.

I can only imagine the shipping people getting two boxes in front of them and just saying “Screw it!” then rolling off dozens of feet of brown paper and stuffing it into a box three times bigger than it needs to be. Then sealing it with only two pieces of tape. Oh and don’t forget the bags of air, gotta stick in at least two dozen of them, especially if you’re shipping something super fragile like, a spool of DVDRs.