I cringe whenever I look at even the most remotely political comic from especially the early years. Because I’ve never been really that up to date on current events. Sure, I listened to Bill Moyers religiously when he had his podcast and I’d watch the Daily Show but that’s about it. I didn’t even listen to NPR at the time and still don’t really except that it’s what my alarm is set to in the morning.
I cringe because it’s it’s easy to just say “Bush is bad” and really not all that interesting or informed. Nowadays I’d rather just avoid it unless I felt like I could actually say something interesting. Since I devote more news and podcast time to entertainment I try my best to just stay informed, but don’t put forth opinions during discussions because I think it would all just be inadequate at best and misinformed at worst.
People criticizing or talking about things they don’t know much about is one of my pet peeves so I hate to see it in myself as it still does on occasion, but I try to be better than that.