Very clearly from earlier strips I was working through anger of some type. I think it was probably just frustration with not knowing what I wanted to do, and not feeling stable yet.
Also I think that when you’re younger it’s sort of “cool” to be angry or to say subversive things to see how people react. I think it’s also that you haven’t *really* been in the world yet so you don’t have real problems. So instead you make up problems that in the grand scheme of things aren’t big problems at all.
For better and for worse I’ve almost never been willing to take a job unless I REALLY wanted it and I’ve been exceedingly fortunate to almost never take jobs I wasn’t interested in. But at this point in my life things were pretty stagnant so it was scary.
Looking back, this is also about 3 years before I started taking martial arts. I think doing that made me a more calm person because it’s both a humbling experience, and also I just had a good “your problems really don’t matter” teacher.