I ended up doing a little bit of all of these on the laziest of Sundays. I just got the new levels for “The Talos Principle” which is a first person puzzle game that I loved, but the new levels are quite hard so I ended up abandoning it after solving only one puzzle and getting halfway through on some other ones.

I also finally watched “Gallants” on Netflix which is a Hong Kong kung fu movie coincidentally released by my former employer Media Blasters. In fact a motion graphics logo I animated is at the beginning of it (It might be in the wrong aspect ratio). Also there’s audio problems with it throughout. It sounds like there was one audio track out of sync that causes a really annoying phasing effect. And I finally watched “Mean Girls” which was a funny companion piece to watching the latest episode of True Detective because both have Rachel McAdams in them playing extremely different roles.

Then I finished off the night watching Steve Gaynor stream Viscera Cleanup Detail which I found oddly hypnotic. It’s a silly game about you being a janitor on a space station after there’s been an alien attack and there’s blood and guts all over. It kind of made me want to play it because of my obsessive tendencies.

Yep, lazy Sunday.