I went with a friend to see Gustavo Dudamel conducting Carmina Burana at the Hollywood Bowl this week. Before the show I was waiting for my friend’s bus to arrive, and we were texting each other about Carmina Burana and Carl Orff while I waited. This was basically our exact exchange except his second movie was Toy Story. Just imagine how tacky it’d be to have a movie trailer for Amadeus with Carmina Burana XD

I’d edit one, but I don’t think people would understand that my intention was to be ironic and awful. It would certainly be a challenge to let people in on the joke, but I think most people would just think that Mozart composed it.

Anyway the show was great! It was the first time I’ve been to the Hollywood Bowl. Previously my only association with it was the horrible traffic that it creates on my commute home. We had seats in roughly the midway section which were still quite good. Dudamel is very entertaining to watch while he conducts. I’m so glad I got to see it!