I had been thinking of getting a kindle for more comfortable reading, but I wasn’t sure I could justify it since I don’t read that much. But then the new models came out so I decided to bite and try to get my science fiction reading going. I often talk about how much I like hard science fiction in movies and games, but there just isn’t that much of it. So it should’ve been a no brainer to just be reading more since there’s a plethora of it out there that’s just waiting for me to read.

Also now that I have some more free time I was playing some games, but despite my massive backlog of games to play I wasn’t feeling interested so I think reading will be a good change of pace.

I listened to the audiobook of The Martian a little while ago because I head numerous recommendations on Tested.com and that whet my appetite for more. Then I just finished Ready Player One which was also recommended on Tested. So next up is Snowcrash which is one of those books you just hear mentioned a lot. I’m sure my friends will eagerly recommend me many books to come after this.

Yay reading!

P.S. I don’t know how many non-Asian writers out there actually know Asian people, but I still feel like Western popular culture would have us believe that Asians talk about “honor” as much as the Klingons do. There are two Japanese characters in “Ready Player One” and a bunch of their lines talk about being honorable, but It feels tired, tropey, cheesy whenever I read or see it. Just look at the American movie trailer for any movie with Asian people in it and it’s a fair bet that “honor” will be part of the text in the trailer.

It isn’t even the book that much, but it stuck out to me and also there’s a bit of Japanese spoken that probably could’ve been better had it gone through at least a few Japanese people before hitting the page.