Sorry for no updates these past two weeks! I’ve been very busy with overtime at work and also working on stuff at home, and if doing the comic means an hour or more not doing the other stuff then I’m going to skip out on it. I’m still very seriously debating if/how to continue doing the comic since lately I’ve been thinking more than ever what it is I want to be spending my time doing, and what I’ll get the most out of.

But this comic was something I’ve been thinking about for a stand up bit. Mostly because I just want to talk about nunchuks. It’s not easy to tell jokes, but telling racist jokes that are *good* takes some SERIOUS skill. But a lot of comics try to go for that stuff before they have experience because they think it’ll make them edgy. Seriously though, leave those to the pros. A huge part of comedy is getting the audience on your side, and going for the racist jokes is an incredibly easy way to jeopardize that.