After more and more Googling I found a web page that mentioned the probiotic supplement “Fortiflora” is something that cats LOVE, and they’ll eat any food with it mixed into it. Uni and Ebi ate the nice cat food I got them AND they had some Fancy Feast that they wouldn’t TOUCH in the past couple days.

Now excuse me while I stuff this post with keywords so that other people whose cats are otherwise normal and check out as normal at the vet might find this and get this knowledge. I originally had Fortiflora to put in their food for when I was away (because when I’d get back their poop would be kind of runny). But I had no idea that it was like a super appetite stimulant for cats. Uni even started clawing up my leg when I started sprinkling it on his food.

It can be easily bought on Amazon and you only need to use a fraction of a packet per serving. It doesn’t even matter that it’s expired because the probiotic part of it isn’t the important part, it’s the ingredients that interest the cat (though checking reviews it seems some cats don’t like it, but the majority seem to).

SO. If your cats suddenly stop eating the food they normally eat with no problem then try adding Fortiflora to their food to see if it gets them to eat! Of course I MUCH prefer this to trying to give appetite stimulants to my cat and I think it seems more likely to work since it’s directly in their food.