The number of cans I’ve gone through that either weren’t eaten or were only partially eaten I think is much greater than what I ended up drawing here. Yesterday, one of the new brands of cat food I tried on Uni and Ebi was met with immediate success! It was a bittersweet moment because I was super happy to see them eating a whole can’s worth of food, but also I’m worried that it would be short lived.

So far they both seem to be eating this new brand, though annoyingly Uni seems to prefer the fish and Ebi prefers the chicken. Also it seems like their eating schedules might be a bit out of sync right now. I ordered some more higher quality cat food that hopefully they’ll also like. I just want them to be eating during the time that I’m away at PAX and New York so that there’re no emergencies with the pet sitter. I think just in case I’ll leave some emergency “real tuna” with the sitter if she sees that they’re really not eating anything.

Also, it should be noted that PETCO requires a very specific return-to-store receipt if you’re trying to return something you bought from I first went with the shipping receipt, then I came back with the email receipt and then they told me specifically where to get the receipt I needed. But now I don’t even know if they’ll eat any of the fancy feast that I have in the apartment anymore.

SIGH. Cats.