For a couple days Uni and Ebi’s appetite has been lower than usual even though everything else about them like their manner, energy level and bathroom usage is totally normal. So I took them to the vet yesterday because I’d rather blow some money on the vet and have it be nothing than wait it out and and find out something too late.

Sure enough the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with them but is doing a blood test just as a precaution. I could tell in her voice that she was really struggling to find anything that could possibly be going wrong. They are eating, but they’re being more picky than normal. I even used the “nuclear option” of getting some “real” tuna for them to eat which they LOVED. But they can’t live off of that, so¬†hopefully it’s just a temporary thing and things go back to normal.

Still, I’m thinking of getting them pet insurance because the thought of them getting very sick, and me not having enough money to pay for them TERRIFIES me. From what I’ve seen in my research it’s actually not as expensive as I thought it would be.