I’m not the kind of person to be the first to say hi to random people on the street, but I’ll reciprocate if someone does. In my mind, I’m invading their personal space by expecting them to be polite to me. But there are people who view it the opposite way where by not saying hello to all strangers on the street then I’m being rude.

One such person is this old guy who I occasionally pass on my walk home from the park. On this particular day he was talking to someone. I knew that before he had said hello to me on the street, but I figured he was occupied so I was just going to slip by. Then when I was 1-2 feet away from him he said “hello” rather aggressively as if to reprimand me for not instigating it sooner.

I’ll say it again, I think one of the rudest things people can do is to aggressively expect others to be polite to them and then get all pissy if they’re not.