I realized recently that I should really stop going out of my way to read forums and comment threads where people are just being awful. The past several months there’s been a lot of vitriol in video game related websites specifically around anything vaguely related to social justice and feminism. I know that as soon as those topics are touched upon the comment threads will totally explode within five minutes with everything from the worst possible things a human being can say to stuff that probably sounds reasonable to the person saying it but is horribly misguided or uninformed in some way.

I realized I was totally wasting my time in reading these threads because the curiosity factor was satiated a long time ago. I know what to expect now and the vague hope that some of these people will see reason is just absurd. I think it was scratching an itch that must be similar to watching trashy reality TV. So I’m now doing my best to stop seeking this stuff out ┬áspend the time more constructively. I already hate how much I procrastinate so that’s just one less thing to worry about.