This weekend I was finishing up a fan teaser for the first season of The Walking Dead game. I’ve been sitting on this project for far too long for no good reason. I thought of this comic when I reached the point while editing where I was kneeling on the ground with my head on the floor (my dual purpose was to stretch out a bit).

Editing can be like pulling teeth sometimes, but I take solace in that after putting shots down in my timeline I still have a “feel” for when I don’t like a shot at all or because of its position in the timeline. All along the way I’m saying that what I’m doing might be terrible, but I know in my heart that I’ll never upload something I don’t like. But it’s still really really hard to get through the process when there’s no deadline or people relying on me for my work.

So here it is! It’s more of a teaser than a full trailer. I’m still debating making another more conventional trailer because I still like that structure, but I also want to move onto other projects. I originally started it like I usually do but got bored during the process and tried to do something more experimental.

Please leave a comment letting me know how I did!