I’m in the last week of my Mograph Mentor class right now which means I have to put the finishing touches on my final project. Considering the amount of work I still have to do it would be accurate to say that I didn’t use my time as wisely as I could have. Also, the process of doing tons and tons of sketches for a project made me want to do the same for a personal project that I’ve had kicking around on my computer.

So when I didn’t feel like working I was doing tons of sketches for what will end up being a good exercise for a very dumb project that will hopefully look very cool! It’s too early to start even teasing what it is, but I’m very much looking forward to digging into it. By the end of it I should be a lot more comfortable with Adobe Illustrator and even more with motion design stuff in After Effects. That’s the goal at least.

Also, I realized that my “thumbnail sketches” could only be considered such if the thumbnails belong to a giant. I should probably try making smaller sketches so that I don’t use up as much paper. That said there’s something satisfying about filling up these notebooks I’ve been sitting on empty since college.