I hadn’t been counting down the minutes until the new JJ Abrams Star Wars Teaser Trailer was released, but now that I’ve seen it I’m SUPER EXCITED! After seeing The Phantom Menace all those years ago I was one of the many people who hoped that some day we’d get a Star Wars film not directed by George Lucas. I thought that it would never happen while he was still alive, but now we’re getting it and I can’t wait!

A lot of the internet is poopoo-ing some of the new stuff like the ball shaped astro droid and the broadsword lightsaber but I enjoyed seeing it all and got really giddy while watching it. It’s perhaps even less practical than a double sided lightsaber but I don’t care. Any time I know I can expect well choreographed lightsaber duels with top notch production values I get excited.

Seriously, there’s nowhere to go but up from the prequels. WHOO!