I was reading about what Bruce Lee’s exercise routine, and one part of his body (other than *every* part of his body) that he thought was important for kung fu was his forearms. Of course I’m not even remotely TRYING to match anything that he did, but I thought I’d get a grip strengthener thing because it’s something I can do idly while doing other things.

Then I realized that it’ll probably help me when I’m cooking, and doing things like stirring vigorously like when I’m making scrambled eggs in the morning. Maybe next time I have to beat egg whites my arms won’t get as tired as before. When I was a kid (and to this day) I love watching Jacques Pepin cook because he has such amazing technique. He’s got real cooking kung fu and it’s just astounding to see the speed that he can beat egg whites by hand.

When I was thinking about this I started googling to see if there were exercise resources for cooks out there, but there’s actually nothing at all that I could find. Anything related to the body and cooking was all about healing aches and pains, but nothing about exercising to help your cooking! I would’ve thought that with so many obscure niches of the internet that there might be some sort of “fitness for cooks” page.

Another thing this reminds me of is the story my kung fu sifu would tell us that when he moved to the US he worked in an ice cream shop. The funny thing was that because of his kung fu training he was really good at scooping ice cream because he knew how to put his body into it. I think about this a lot when I’m in the kitchen and doing something that tires out my arm that could probably be done more efficiently by putting my body into it.