I pay attention to the amount of morning dew a lot because it partially determines what kind of kung fu workout I’ll have in the morning. The reason is that if it’s wetter then that means the playground I practice at will be more slippery so I won’t be able to do certain kicks at full confidence because I’ll be thinking about not falling on my butt.

I often find myself speculating about the factors that would cause more or less morning dew. Like, temperature difference from daytime to night, but then humidity is another factor that I’m less likely to be paying attention to. Especially since I just don’t check the weather unless I happen to see the temperature when I have Google Now open.

On last Saturday it had rained the day before, but my only recollection was when I was in the bathroom thinking “Huh, what’s that unfamiliar noise?” It also rained on Saturday which significantly cooled things down and resulted in the first night I’ve worn a jacket in quite a while since moving to L.A.