I think it’s a universally truth that arguing over the internet is just never a good thing. Arguments have nuance, subtleties and usually opinions aren’t so simple. But on the internet, where every single sentence can be screencapped, isolated or at worst fabricated, those are treated as the definitive “opinion” of the person attached to it. Also, it’s a permanent record that exists in the world and opinions can change over time or people can rethink things and come to new realizations.

Also on the internet (and in real life) once people are associated with a certain opinion, it’s very difficult to publicly change it because that’s interpreted as weakness or possibly some form of corruption or both. So then it becomes about defending the position instead of the reason the position exists, if that makes sense at all.

Anyway, this itself is an incomplete thought but I just wanted to make this gif 😛

Long story short, people are complicated and nuanced, but over the internet we try to find the one thing to agree or disagree with and then label people accordingly. And that kind of sucks.