Got my iPhone last week and I’ve been loving it. Of course any current smartphone would be faster and better than my ailing Galaxy Nexus, but the responsiveness and experience on just about every level is better. The battery life is embarrassingly superior than my previous phone to the point where I don’t feel paranoid about charging it at all. Since I’m already in the Apple ecosystem I can have stuff like iTunes and podcasts sync wirelessly and stuff just works.

And of course the camera is better which is great especially because I have two black cats which are pretty hard to take photos of in low light or even good light. From my previous phone I only transferred over food and cat photos which means that if anyone who doesn’t know me looks at my photo gallery (or even people who do know me) will think that I’m a crazy cat man (which I am). But I definitely reached that threshold where it’s not entirely cute anymore and it’s entering the weird territory. And it’ll only get worse the longer I’m taking photos on it.

This is one of my favorites so far that I took of them watching birds from my bedroom window.