This week I started taking an online motion design class to hopefully help me improve both my design and animation skills. Even though I’ve done several motion graphics projects for work and fun I still feel like I’m just walking in the dark with my hands out, so I wanted to do this to give my thought processes some purpose when it comes to stuff like this. Monday was the first class and I was actually thinking about what I had to do next all afterwards, this morning and at work. So I’m actually excited to get started as soon as I finish writing this post.

I did play video games, but it was just my Spelunky daily challenge (I did terribly) which is virtually the only video game I’m playing right now despite my Steam list growing ever larger with each passing day. I’ll get to it someday…

Also I actually do remember the last time I did homework. It was when I was taking Japanese classes in New York. There usually wasn’t much homework, but very occasionally I remember doing some.