I knew this year I was going to consider the iPhone 6 for my next phone because my two year contract was up. One of the big things that had been holding me back was the lack of custom keyboard support. But since that’s now being added in with iOS 8 that was just about the last thing on Android that I really felt tied to.

The Galaxy Nexus ended up being an experience that just got worse and worse as the phone got older. The battery life was abysmal and the phone got slower and slower to the point where I had to wait every single time it was trying to load the home screen. It’s possible that I just need to do a complete reset of the phone, but the battery life would still be awful.

It’s funny because a friend of mine was really surprised to find out that I’ve never had an iPhone because I think I had the reputation for being an “Apple guy.” But I’m rather excited because Apple stuff works best when you’re just all in to their ecosystem. Also I’m pretty confident in how they prioritize the responsiveness of their OS and also what seems to be generally reliable battery life.

That said, when I told my friend I was getting an iPhone 6, I honestly had trouble recalling what was at all new about it. But since I’m converting ecosystems it’ll all be new to me.