My mom used to tell me to take a break from playing games or watching TV, go outside and just look at the sky. I didn’t really do it at the age when she was telling me about it but I still thought about it every now and then. I think about it a lot more now because even if I wasn’t witness to periodic flare ups of internet drama or just horrible current events, it’s rather refreshing to look at something that’s not a screen.

Like I’ve said before I practice kung fu in the park almost every morning and one thing I do to try to relax my limbs (so that I can hit harder) is I look up at the trees in the distance and find it almost instantly relaxing. Also just looking at something that big makes me feel like any problems I have are small, temporary and most of the time not very long lasting.

So if you’re feeling stressed just take a break to look at some trees or a natural landscape. Doesn’t even have to be that long but it’s a nice way to refresh.