Since I’ve been having a very busy month of freelance I felt confident enough in my finances that I can go to PAX! Also, PAX is an invaluable event to go to since I’m trying to get more work cutting trailers for indie games. Also, now that I’ve done some more work I should have better opportunities to network and meet other people.

Speaking of which, here’s another trailer that I recently completed. This game is called Deep Under the Sky where you play a space jellyfish flying around Venus! It’s from Colin Northway who is the creator of the game Incredipede. I got in contact with Colin because Incredipede was one of the games featured on the Humble Weekly Bundle celebrating open source games that I cut a trailer for.

This one was fun to cut because it was all about the movement and flow of the game which can be very hypnotic provided you don’t try to bash your way through the puzzles. It’s coming to iOS and Android on Wednesday August 20th and PC/Mac on Friday August 22nd!