I was helping a friend of mine shoot a test video last Friday because he wanted a guy doing kung fu in the park. Between takes this woman came up to me and this was the exchange verbatim. It was pretty much exactly like in the kung fu movies except that I decided to skip the part of the movie where the person who wants to learn does so very badly from a distance before the instructor caves in and teaches them.

I only took lessons for five years and it’s been over two years since I moved, so my instruction has ceased and right now I’m just trying to improve on what I had learned and hope that I’m not regressing in any way. While I was at the school I was a senior enough student that Sifu would let me instruct new students on some of the simple basics, but he was always there to provide further corrections if necessary. I have innumerable reservations about instructing because I know how high the bar is and how inspiring it is to be able to see someone at that bar. But maybe this will push me to improve even more because then I’ll feel the extra need to be that example for someone else.

I’ll see this week if she even shows up and if she maintains interest after realizing that it’s going to be at least a few months before she starts learning any form, and even longer before she sees what it was she originally saw me practicing. The thing I always remember Sifu saying is “First three months is just… PAIN.” I’ll be sure to do more comics if this goes further.