I don’t know how I made it this far without a comic called this, because I feel like I’m doing productive procrastination all the time. Anyway, yesterday I found out that you don’t need some extensive YouTube partner deal to have custom thumbnails on your videos. So as soon as I verified my account I started rebranding the videos on my channel a bit. The thing that I’ve lamented about my YouTube channel is that since I edit all sorts of things the content doesn’t look cohesive.

I’ve only done thumbnails for two categories of videos so far, but I’m now calling my fan trailers Relaunched Trailers as in launch trailers that come out after the game is already out or if the game was re-advertised for some reason. Also I made some thumbnails for my silly Idle Thumbs videos. I don’t know if the thumbnails will display correctly for you or not because on my end the browser is all sorts of confused because of cached versions etc.

Next up I want to find some way to make thumbnails for my mashup and silly videos.

Oh and here’s the latest video that I finished editing. It’s a video about… editing.

This is meant to go with the blog post I wrote full of editing tricks and shortcuts that I use. So if you’re a Premiere Pro user and you think you need to learn to edit faster then this should be a great place to get started.