I noticed that since this comic I did almost two years ago that I think more parts of my body crack on a regular basis, and I really do want to record them about post somewhere like Freesound.org.

I love sound effects and making sounds. I took some sound classes at NYU too but haven’t done any sort of design or recording since then. The closest I’ve come is probably just inserting premade sound effects into trailers I’ve cut. But I still have plenty of moments when I’m thinking “This is a great sound.”

One time in college I had a really stale piece of a baguette and decided to record myself ripping it apart slowly. I then layered the breaks on top of each other and ended up with this really gross flesh tearing sound. Maybe I’ll set up a microphone before I go to bed and then first thing in the morning record all my joints cracking.

Apologies if this was all REALLY GROSS to read about.