My cell phone gets absolutely horrible reception where I live. Usually at best I’ll have two bars of 3G but more often it’s only one. So I have this procedure when I know I’m going somewhere. I’ll turn off wifi on my phone and then look the place I’m going to on Google Maps, because I don’t want the phone to think that it has signal when it doesn’t. Then I’ll go to my car and press the “Navigate” button and hope that it kicks in with the voice and everything and then I’ll know I’m good to go.

Well I was on my way to pick up my parents at the airport and when I got to my car it just refused to load anything. Then I noticed the little download icon and saw that Facebook was trying to update and it was at about 58%. I wasn’t sure if it was downloading at first because I know my phone is set to update only when on wifi, but then it went to 59%. Then I noticed the phone was getting warm, which probably meant it was trying to download. I didn’t want this to happen because it was the first time driving to LAX and I didn’t want my phone to die.

By the time I was done and the GPS was working about 15 minutes had passed. Fortunately it all worked out and I met up with my parents right as they were at the baggage claim.

Can’t wait to ditch Sprint.