I was browsing the free TV shows on Amazon Prime last night when I remembered this story from freshman year of college. This is a story that isn’t THAT old but holy crap does the existence of YouTube make me sound OLD in this. Okay maybe 14 years is old for a story. Dammit.

So you know how nowadays you’re having a conversation with friends about a clip from an old TV show and within a few seconds one of your friends has already found it on YouTube? Well that was happening with my friends and I when we were in college. Sort of. We were talking about old TV and the topic of the Star Trek episode of Reading Rainbow came up. Also we were talking about the one episode of Young Indiana Jones which had Harrison Ford in it as “Old Indy.

I forget which one of us knew about the Museum of Television and Radio in New York, but next thing we knew we were heading uptown on the subway to the museum. Then I think we paid some sort of admission and went to a room with a bunch of very old computers (even for that time) where we searched their archives for the episodes that we were talking about. Then we got a small screening room where they were queued up for us and we watched them.

At the time we thought it was amazing that we could do this so easily.

Yup. Old.