I’ve consumed enough tutorials now that getting something to move and shoot bullets isn’t a problem, but it turns out in Space Invaders there’s a lot to the enemy behaviors. They have to move to the far side and then go down a row and change direction, they have to shoot their own bullets at a certain interval, and the more you shoot the faster they have to move. Also they move in a stuttery speed so the default movement is too smooth.

Oh and also when the buildings get hit the damage has to appear exactly in the spots that were hit. The tutorials I saw which even included the buildings cheated by making the buildings look generally damaged but not specific to where they were hit.

All of that means a bunch of math and logic problems that my brain still is having trouble wrapping around. Even in the tutorial I was using I was having problems because things that were copied bit by bit still weren’t working.

So yeah, programming is hard. I did get a decent version of Pong working which was pretty cool.