After doing some tutorials from various sites I ended up on Game Maker Tutorials which are video tutorials that are very clear and go slowly enough for me that I don’t throw up my hands in frustration. A lot of the tutorials I was reading before accelerated too quickly for me and were suddenly dropping massive paragraphs of code without any warning and then when things didn’t work like they were supposed to I got very frustrated (I’m sure a lot of programming is that).

It’s quite interesting to see what does and doesn’t happen without the right programming and how basically you have to look at everything super duper literally. Like, a jump isn’t a jump to the computer it’s the program saying to move upward this amount, then start falling at this rate after that. Oh and also play this sound and switch from this picture to this picture while you’re jumping and then this one while you’re falling.

I’m starting to understand the saying that programmers think differently and that it takes a certain type of person to be really into programming.