Since I’m so interested in games it’s hard not to occasionally have ideas pop into my head for games that I think would be fun to play, but I’ve never in my life ever programmed anything.

I’ve long been curious just to try out some game making software to get the slightest inkling of what it’s like to make a game so I did a couple tutorials using Game Maker which is a popular application. The first tutorial was for making a game where an object bounces around a room, and when you click it the score goes up and the object respawns in a random place in the room. The second was for making the basics of a vertical scrolling shooter game.

Just these super ultra basic games made me realize what wizards programmers are to make the games that I play. I never ever would’ve claimed that their job was easy by any stretch of the imagination, but I find when I have no knowledge whatsoever about a particular field my brain cannot cannot comprehend its complexities so it doesn’t pay it mind at all. BUT, having this small glimpse into it all of a sudden gave me just enough perspective to understand that holy crap, what they do is amazing.

Basically it’s like trying to describe the ocean to someone who barely knows what water is. Then showing them a puddle and then saying to them “Yeah, but it’s like bigger than the entire country.”

Mind. Blown.