Yesterday and today are the hottest days of the year so far and it’s only May. I’d like to believe it won’t ever get hotter but what I do believe is that this Summer is going to be HOT.

Whenever I go out and take a walk that’s going to be maybe 20-30 minutes long I have to make sure that I have water with me. Even with the water though, I get super faint and feel like I’m going to start seeing mirages. Yay Souther California weather…

OH and BATTLEBLOCK THEATER IS OUT ON STEAM TODAY!!! 😀 I’ll post the launch trailer here as soon as it’s up on YouTube.

If you didn’t play it on Xbox 360 this is definitely the version to get. The textures are significantly less compressed so the artwork looks even better. While doing capture for the Steam trailers I was noticing details I never noticed before on the Xbox version. Also the cutscenes I animated are now at full 1080p! There’s also a new video loop for the main menu that I did with a friend of mine that I’m actually quite proud of. We managed to stick in a lot of fun tricks people might not know you can do in the game.