Truth be told, I played the tutorial and first level before doing this comic. I was originally going to do one as short as possible so I could get back to playing but the buying of the game itself was an ordeal.

I booted up the Xbox 360 dashboard but the game was nowhere to be found on the store page. So then I went to the website where I hoped to buy it and have it added to my download queue like I’ve done with most games. But then there was a glitch I “found” (they make it sound like a good thing) and I couldn’t pay for it. But I found that I could download the demo. So THEN it was added to the download queue and I could then press the “Buy full version” button and everything else went off without a hitch.

Dear Microsoft, stop making it difficult for me to give money to you and the developers on your platform.

Anyway it’s SUPER FUN. GO PLAY IT.