Seriously, there are a RIDICULOUS amount of games coming out in the span of a week and I want to play them ALL. I’m actually in the 2nd week of a two week gig right now which has helped pass the time. Not sure if I’ll have more work next week but at least I’ll be able to buy all these games without feeling guilty about spending money that I shouldn’t be.

The Walking Dead game’s 2nd season hasn’t quite grabbed me like the first but I still eagerly anticipate each coming episode.

Super Time Force was first revealed a couple years ago and now it’s FINALLY coming out!

Of course BattleBlock Theater comes to Steam on Thursday. I’ve been chugging away working on the trailers for its release, but for now just rewatch the announcement trailer 🙂

And last but certainly not least is Transistor, from the creators of Bastion. First revealed last year and I’ve played the new build at every PAX since then and seen the incremental levels of polish. I’m super appreciative of how they haven’t shown much of the game at all. In fact, I think this will be the first indie game where I’m going to avoid the launch trailer until I beat it! Then after I beat it I can listen to the soundtrack on loop. To say that I’m excited for this game would be a colossal understatement. I’ve watched their reveal trailer more times than I can count and it’s certainly up there for my favorite indie game trailers.