There are dumb people out there who think that because you enjoy your profession means that it’s not legitimate work and/or that it’s not even work. Well they need to talk to more creative people who I’m pretty sure share this exact same experience. I have some video projects that I’m working on and things can be pretty rough for a while especially when I’m working on motion graphics. But today I put a bunch of things together to get a pretty good semblance of a final graphic for one particular section and it looked great!

The problem is that every single thing I do before then is like pulling teeth to the point where I’m pacing the room because it’s almost unbearable having to be at my computer pressing buttons and having things still not look good. It’s silly because no one is seeing any of the rough draft versions so what is there to be afraid of? And yet, it’s so hard to continue until you hit a point where something looks legitimately good. Getting to that point is the key, and once I get there I can blaze through the rest.