This weekend I posted my video 25 Simple Tricks for Better Motion Graphics and yesterday since everyone was at their computers it exploded and got almost 10,000 hits! Which of course means I was on reddit, Twitter and checking my email constantly to see new followers on Vimeo and Twitter.

It made me realize though that tutorials and videos like this are very good for increasing my visibility in professional circles and possibly getting clients. So now I’m wondering what I should do next.

Here’s the video:

I made this for After Effects beginners because when you’re starting out you pretty much just consume as many video tutorials as possible and hope that you retain information. When in fact most of it goes in one ear and out the other because you were just following along. This video has a bunch of techniques which are often incidental to the tutorial but don’t warrant their own.

I’ve said everywhere I posted this that this isn’t a recipe, it’s a list of ingredients and it’s up to you to decide what combination of your own design sensibilities and some of these techniques will help you achieve the look you want. This is also meant to be viewed with the blog post that I wrote┬ádiscussing each of the things in the video.

Basically this is the video I WISH had existed when I first started because that blank After Effects timeline is so daunting when you first see it and the first time you put a basic bit of text on the screen all you can think to yourself is “Why doesn’t this look good?”

So if you’re learning After Effects and this helped you in any way please let me know!