Well I can scarcely believe it, but I am indeed moving to L.A. Even though being in San Diego meant the opportunity of a lifetime to help contribute to The Behemoth’s 3rd game BattleBlock Theater, there just hasn’t been enough steady work here for me. So I’m moving to L.A. to explore this new chapter in my career. While I got my start at a movie trailer editing house in NYC, my career went here and there without much of a goal in sight. In my spare time I came back to trailers in a way that reignited my creative spark, so now it’s time to pursue it again but for “real.”

Maybe this year will be the year you’ll see something that I’ve edited, but it’ll be coming from an official press release, or from your TV or at the movies?? Who knows? Right now as long as I’m working towards that, I’ll feel good about it.

2013 was a down year for me in a number of ways, but 2014 is already looking brighter. I’m also hoping to really take on more open mics since L.A. has a ton more per week than San Diego.

There’s almost too much to look forward to. Except those commutes…