The first part of Tim Schafer’s new point & click adventure game Broken Age is out for the people who backed the Kickstarter!

As a kid of the 90s I played just about every single LucasArts adventure game that came out. I actually missed Monkey Island, so my first was Sam & Max Hit the Road. I watched a friend play it straight through and we loved trying to hear every little bit of dialogue there was even if I’m sure a lot of the jokes went over our heads. But as a Mac user, those games took much longer to come out (and I didn’t even know if they would). Since there wasn’t really internet that we used back then, I remember one day being at a Comp USA and seeing a double pack of Sam & Max and Day of the Tentacle. I had no idea what Day of the Tentacle was but it was like $20 so I couldn’t say no.

It turned out to be a wonderful find because after I did my own playthrough of Sam & Max I had a whole other game I didn’t know anything about!

When Full Throttle came out I watched another friend beat that and also much later got the Mac version which I basically played through like a movie because I already knew the answers. I was super hyped for Grim Fandango because of the 3D graphics and everything about it, but sadly that was never ported to Mac.

Well 16 years later, Tim Schafer has a new adventure game and I’ve only played a little so far but I’ve LOVED it. The art style is beautiful and there’s tons of the trademark Tim Schafer humor. I can’t wait to savor it and try every inventory object on every hot spot and wring out every tiny little detail hidden in there.