I was selling on Craigslist one of the playpens that we used for our cats when they were still little. The person called me and said they were at my apartment building so I went downstairs with the pen. Then I got a text saying that they were in an accident several blocks away. Then when I was about to walk over, an SUV pulled up and she got out of the passenger seat with not a care in the world. Confused I asked her about the accident and she very nonchalantly said that her car got totaled. She paid me the $25 and thanked me and they drove away.

All I could think about was:

A) How could this person apparently not really care about being in an accident?
B) How could she be away from this accident so soon after it?
C) Who the heck did she drive up with? Did she decide to have a friend drive behind her to pick up something from Craigslist?

Seriously, what the hell?