This is the tweet in question. I was looking through the film/tv jobs section of San Diego Craigslist when I saw this post. This section of San Diego Craigslist almost never yields actual film/tv related jobs, usually it’s for adult modeling or people they’re trying to get on a trashy daytime show in the vein of Jerry Springer.

Well this time there was a post by a guy whom I’m guessing looked up the going rate for an escort in San Diego and thought “No way I’m paying that much for sex!” So they instead thought it would be a bright idea to say he’s making a porno starring himself and he’d pay a woman the pittance of $100. This was actually the *second* time he posted this, except in this one he added a misspelled title to his “porn.”

So my mom sent me an email asking me what the post was all about. Because of the way she worded it I at first thought I might’ve been hacked, but then I explained it to her. The problem was that when I said “I posted it” I meant the tweet, not the original post, so she misinterpreted it as saying I was the one who made the advertisement. Much to her relief I promptly explained that I was NOT the one making a porn. In retrospect it makes sense that my mom would misconstrue the post because she probably doesn’t recognize the formatting of the Craigslist post.

So yeah. Stay classy San Diego.