My resolution for this past year was to every day do some sort of video editing, write stand up comedy, stretch, do pushups and floss. I didn’t write comedy every day but I did start going to open mics again which I’m super glad I did. I feel much more in the swing of things and am past that point of simple anxiety of going up on stage. Now I just need to keep doing it and get better.

I also ended up doing pushups nearly every day and even worked my way up to 100! I’m sure many people will argue the quality of my pushups, but I think it’s still darn good. When I first started I probably did like 20 and gradually added more.

I also added some simple squats because I wasn’t practicing kung fu every day, but I wanted to do something that would still benefit it. My kung fu sifu in NYC said to do like 40 squats every day, and I’ve managed to work my way up to 100 for those too!  I REALLY notice the difference because my empty stance is so much stronger. It’s a difficult stance because it’s most of your body weight on only one leg and the more you bend the leg, the harder it is to do. I can do it now with my thigh pretty much parallel to the ground which I could never do before.

I’ve also managed to floss for almost every day this year, and I’ve been doing it long enough that I just stopped marking it on my mini-calendar even though that was part of the appeal.

2013 was an incredibly rough year for me for a number of reasons, but I’m going to really work hard to make 2014 a better year. Though if the world wants to throw me some luck too, I’ll take it.