Avid Media Composer is basically the oldest editing software still widely in use. Unlike Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro, they don’t add changes very often at all. It basically looks exactly the same as the last time I used it even though there are still so many things that just feel super old now. The keyboard shortcut editor is incredibly limited compared to its brethren and just looks old. But, because it’s so well established it doesn’t really matter that much because they have their base clientele, and people working on big projects are reticent to upgrade in the middle of a project anyway.

Starting trailer for a movie that I always thought deserved a trailer that actually focused on its premise. It was one of those movies that when I saw trailers I was totally not interested, but when I saw it I thought “Why the heck didn’t the trailer show this part?” Hopefully it’ll be done soonish, though I haven’t put in a single shot yet.