Actually I still have Contrast to beat, but other than that I’m not terribly interested in score chasing in Resogun or getting anything else that’s out currently.

In terms of gameplay, Assassin’s Creed IV is a vast improvement over ACIII. Things like being able to mark targets plus a copious amount of bushes to hide in make the stealth a lot more fun. The ship combat is still really awesome and being able to board enemy ships and run and climb along the masts is really damn cool.

It took me a little while to realize, but there was a moment when I zipped up to the top of my ship and then jumped over to the other one while my crew was fighting the other ship’s crew that I realized, holy crap this is awesome. If you really like pirates then this really does the trick.

The story was basically entirely forgettable save for maybe one character. I usually get somewhat lost in all Assassin’s Creed games, but this one especially I pretty much gave up on following it.

When I beat it I did a fair amount of collectible stuff, but there’s SO MUCH collectible stuff that it’s too tedious to do everything. One thing I did do was claim all the forts and collect the mayan artifacts because there weren’t many of those and doing it was actually fun. But all those animus fragments, treasure chests and underwater areas will go unclaimed.