If as you read this there’s a comic displaying above the news post then YAY! If not, then UGGGHHHHH… As I write this the site is not 100% but I’m hoping that it’s just a matter of the site adjusting to the switch. Anna’s site migrated pretty much without a hitch, but for some reason the way mine was structured made things more difficult.

Either way I’m fully hosted on Dreamhost right now after ten years with Powweb. My oldest sister bought me the first year of hosting on Powweb all those years ago. Recently though they’ve kind of sucked with site outages and really bad customer support.

I’ve only had Dreamhost for a little while but their customer support and resources are vastly superior. Powweb had a Twitter account that was inactive for YEARS AND YEARS. I think they deleted their old tweets to hide that fact though.

I was mostly worried about Anna’s site because it gets a lot of traffic, and just because I usually worry about other’s people stuff more than my own if I’m the one responsible for anything going wrong.

Crossing my fingers!